Tuesday, April 24, 2012

He Can Be My Hero Any Day!!

This is not my favorite song by Enrique but its a new one that i started to like a lot.
I dont know that a lot of people know this about me but I LOVE Enrique Iglesias and I have since he did the main theme song for a telenovela that i watched when i was like in 5th grade. And my dad got Vickie his first cd. Me and Vickie must have listened to his cd a thousand time. The best part about him that I love is that he really loves and cares for his fans he gives them kisses and he pulls up random girls on stage and he sings to them and holds them. I can only dream be that girl. OH man! I love his songs better in spanish and I really do hope to be able to see him live. I have just been on this Enrique Iglesias kick and that is the only artist I want to listen to. His song are mostly about him being heartbroken. I don't think they are autobiographical why would anyone leave him?????? but whatever i still love his song and he is so beautiful!

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