Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec. 29, 2010

I left GA.
I got to Oklahoma Yesterday night.
First time i drove a long distance. It was not as bad as i thought.
Me and vickie made a mixes for the car.

I am more excited that Zach will be in charge of the music on the way to SLC.

Places that i have lived  in since 2006:

Dec. 2006 Roswell, Ga
Jan. 2007  Kerr Hall Rexburg, ID
April 2007 Hill Crest Town Homes Rexburg, ID
July 2007 Lawrenceville, GA
January 2008, Nauvoo House Rexburg, ID
April 2008 Colonial House Rxburg, ID
July 2008 Sandy Springs/Atlanta
September 2008 Atlanta
March 2009 Provo, UT
April 2009 Orem, UT
September 2009 Price, UT
December 2009 Beaver, UT
June 2010 Laverkin, UT
August 2010 St. George, UT
October 2010 Duluth, GA

I haven't stayed in one place more than 6 months.

hello life...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lets Record the Changes that will happen.

What a great idea for a blog.

Nothing is as constant as change.

What changes will 2011 bring?

You can always make goals to change and to make the year a bit more interesting.

So l'll start there.


1. Be nice.
2. Budget.
3. Take more photos.
4. Get all A's (my goal is always a 3.8 lets see if i come closer this year.)
5. Take things with a smile.

I'll come up with a bigger ones to work on and post by Jan. 1st 2011.

I promise to record ALL changes....