Monday, April 30, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012


TOday was a day of an "Aha!" moment. I have been reading the seven successful habit for successful people by steven r covey. I must be butchering everything right now but oh well i'll go back and change it. Ok so I have been reading this book and it says how sometimes your perception of things is way off. It uses the analogy of having goal to be somewhere in chicago but you are just getting lost because your map is a map of Detroit and no matter how you hold it where you put it you will just get even more lost and no matter how great you attitude is towards where you are it is not going to change the fact that you are in chicago and you have a detroit map that is not helping you get anywhere. I don't know that it makes any sense of what I just said BUT.. Its saying how if we have the wrong perception of live words and phrases will not substitute that perception. You need to change the perception to makes real changes. 
Here is what I learned today. So i went to go watch The Vow and if you have not seen it do not read ahead. I learned that if you are making the right decision and you are in tune with the spirit you will become the person that God wants you to be. Then you are are that person and you have been prepared you will meet that person that is right for you. Even if you have meet them before, you need to become a certain person to be with them and if your not there yet it wont work out. It wont be easy. it will be forced. i just feel like i need to grow and become someone that the lord wants me to be so that i can become the right girl for the right guy to be with me. I don't know that any of this made any sense but it makes sense now to me. This movie made me change my perception of dating and become my best self. Also Marion changed my perception of being my best self. " Am I being the kind of girl that I would want my brother to date? I am super critical of girls that by brother hangs out with but and I a girl that I would approve of him dating and hanging out with? If I don't approve of my actions no one will.  I need to become some one that I approve of morally and spiritually. 
I need some work and i want to be someone who can say No when the time is appropriate and say yes when it is right. I need to understand that saying NO is not a bad thing but it is something that needs to be said in order to move forward to something greater.  It like taking the road less travled but it leads to a better future. Taking the road less traveled is not easy but i have hope that it leads to something greater than I have had up untill now. 

Love Always,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!
I interviewed today for a job and like 2 hours later i was offered the job!!!
I am so excited! the girls that I work with are really nice and I think I am going to LOVE IT SOO MUCH!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

He Can Be My Hero Any Day!!

This is not my favorite song by Enrique but its a new one that i started to like a lot.
I dont know that a lot of people know this about me but I LOVE Enrique Iglesias and I have since he did the main theme song for a telenovela that i watched when i was like in 5th grade. And my dad got Vickie his first cd. Me and Vickie must have listened to his cd a thousand time. The best part about him that I love is that he really loves and cares for his fans he gives them kisses and he pulls up random girls on stage and he sings to them and holds them. I can only dream be that girl. OH man! I love his songs better in spanish and I really do hope to be able to see him live. I have just been on this Enrique Iglesias kick and that is the only artist I want to listen to. His song are mostly about him being heartbroken. I don't think they are autobiographical why would anyone leave him?????? but whatever i still love his song and he is so beautiful!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Moose...My Man...

Look at this moose! He is just sooo cute and sooo big! I love it so much!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am no ones heroin...

Worst week  of my life! And now that it is over I have no idea what I am going to do...
Provo can be really lonely. There are so may face and non that i can recognize. 
I miss my sisters. I miss my brother and I miss my parents and I miss my doggy who loves to follow me wherever I go. I miss jason (as stupid as that sounds its true ). i miss the people that make me laugh. 

This is the first time in my life when i have no idea what my next step will be I have no idea what I am doing here and I have no idea why I am here. 

What am I doing here?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lazy Thursday

Laziest Thursday EVER!
but it was good! 
Went to a wedding reception with Blake and then went on an adventure to find apple beer but
So we settled for Jones Soda.
Exposed Blake to Jones Soda and he liked it!
Exposed Blake to New Girl and he liked it!
These are the 2 songs i have put on repeat.


Love Always,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

three things

I need to go to bed.
1. i listened to Mana like the whole time i was editing photos in the library. I listened to one of their song. "Ojala pudiera borrarte" and I was hooked. IS IT REALLY MY FAULT I AM A SUCKER FOR HEARTBROKEN SONGS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my head i was singing along to all these sad and powerfull heart broken songs, not just sining along but yelling and crying all at once. (this is all in my head) i am sure someone would have kicked me out if i was actually doing that.
2. John said that I should be vulnerable... I've never tried that but maybe i'll try it next time. Maybe not. IDK but i think he has a point. I like to build walls and when things get serious i change the subject.
3. I finished my photo assignment and i need to get up at 6 to work out print it off and go to class... so... goodnight.

love always,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

  for once i think that I am right where i belong... why I am the one always packing up my stuff...

I went to the Fun. concert and I had mixed feeling because of the new cd. Mostly because i just love the format so much and i have to accept that Fun. is not the format nor does Nate want it to be the Format. But I am just not a fan of the new cd just because it is soo different.  But I thought they played a great show! I am super happy that i went. They played my favorite song from Aim and Ignite and the songs that they did from the new cd i liked. I actually liked the new songs live than on the CD if that makes any sense. But it was really hard to not get into the show because they have so much energy that it is contagious. I want to see them live again!