Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Kynslie

This is for Kynslie I thought hers was so great! Is SHOULD be going to campus to work on some homework but... i got distracted. Oh well!

my questions:
1. What's your dream job? CEO of my own non profit organization. Where i would teach kids art and have an education fund for them for when they graduate highshool.

2. Where's your favorite place in the world? Atlanta for now. I just love it there. I love Atlanta and everything there is to do there.

3. What do you think the definition of "love" really is? unconditional. but i think this clip from Meet Joe Black covers it. 

4. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be? Caitlin Rose- Own side because i have listened to it like 1000 times since i bought it. 

5. What do you wish you were better at? Rhythm. I cant Dance and I could never play an instrument.

6. What's your favorite mode of transportation? A BIKE! If i could ride a bike every where in in place that had side walks just for bikes i would move there instantly

7.  Finish this sentence, "I hate when people......" they complain all the time.

8. What's your bedtime? What time do you actually go to bed? 12 am mostly 12:30- 1 am

9. What's your favorite way to get exercise? Running. I actually hate it but i feel good when i do it. 

10. What book(s) are you reading/intending to read right now? the Help and Harry Potter. :( i watch movies THEN i read the books. Weird i know.

11. What's your favorite AS SEEN ON TV product/commercial? I LOVE OXY CLEAN!!!! it is like magic. As a kid i would intentionally get up in the mornings and very quietly turn on the tv and be super quite because mom hated that we watched TV all the time. So i would really get up to watch cartoons but every once in a while i would change the chanel and the oxy clean commercial would come on. And this usually happened when i came back from eating cereal. Before i knew it I would be done with my cereal and I would still be watching it and I had no Idea those things went on  for like 30 min. And i missed my morning cartoons. and oddly enough i didn't care i loved watching them clean things!! hahaha

11 fun facts about me! 

11 things that people dont know about me. 

1. I love anything and everything about Zombies. I want my birthday theme for when i turn 25 to be "ZOMBIES" me and vickie have matching intaglio prints of zombies I got them for us from a girl in my printmaking class. I love them because they are zombie prints but also no matter where in the world me and vickie we will have at least one piece of art that will bring us together and that will be hanging in our house

2. I love singing aloud to songs. ALL THE TIME! I love sining and i think i am a great singer but i know that is not true. oh well.

3. I traveled with nascar for a summer in 2011

4. Fall Out Boy used to be my life when i was a jounior and senior in highschool.

5. I signed a year contract for an apartment. YIKES! I mention thins because I have not stayed in a single place for more than like 9 months. 9 months is the max. I move too much. But in a way I am glad I did it because I hope it will bring me some sort of consistency in my life.

6. I love songs like these! Hopeless Romantic songs that I can sing along to and want to cry as I am singing!