Monday, January 24, 2011

I now believe this...

Friends. Friends. Friends.
I believe in making new friends and being a good friend back.
I hope this will be good JUJU.
But I think that for the most part I have been a good friend to those that I claim to be my friends. I am a jealous friend and I am not afraid to admit that. But can you blame me? I mean a lot of the friends that I have had in the past ditch me for drugs, "other" friends (that honestly are less cool) , a new city (but I am guilt of that too because I move like every 6 months.) Oh but the one that i hate the most are girlfriends/boyfriends. I love it when a friend calls me/txt me to know what I'm up to... to see if i want to hang out. I doesn't matter if they are male or female. I cant help it if most of my friends are boys, but girls are CRAZY/ FLAKY/UN-LOYAL. I love having girls to hang with but I think I can count the girls that I trust with my LIFE with one hand. Guys are a bit more simple/funnier and they don't like drama!( my personal favorite) guys will be give you an honest answer. Anyways I have nothing against my new girl friends because they seem like way chill girls and i have no reason to think that they are crazy. So to my new girly friends I love that we are friends. To all my bro friends I love you too and I love how you all make me laugh all the time!
So here is what is new with my new friend trend... I will have a plethora of good friends. I would rather have a lot of good friends than just one significant someone. Good bye dating... you never liked me anyways. Friends can only make you laugh and uplift you. FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS.
"...Hello Good Friend I wanna be next to you from my head to my heart i know it's true..."
Crushes are acceptable but I will not do anything about them... Oh well. I feel good about this new change.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Celebrity Crushes so far for 2011.

I think i have the oddest taste in guys i think  both molly and vickie would agree.
Here are my celebrity crushes...

In no specific order

1. Gerard Way

2. Bradley Cooper

3. James Marsden

4. Shia Labeouf

Leo and Brad are my forever crushes.

I love being GIRLY GIRL sometimes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The news from my head phones.

I have currently been listening to... and I genuinely enjoy it so much!

Beach House, Teen Dream

I have so much music to go through. I haven't been able to catch up since i have gotten back. I get overwhelmed and i revert to something that I already know and recognize so i end up listening to like Maria Taylor, The Format, Feist, Mates of States or I'm wide Awake It's Morning... ha

Friday, January 14, 2011

Become a better photographer.

I am starting to get the hang of Photoshop.
Things to remember when taking black and white photographs...
When taking photos you do NOT wants anything that is blown out. TOO white or TOO black. 
You want a range of values. A good Photograph has Zones 3-8. 
Stay away from anything that is cliche.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Words of Wisdom by Todd. Thats D. Todd Christofferson.

Went to the Fireside tonight with Zach and Vickie. Yo the Adutorium is HUGE!
Ok. Elder D. T Christopherson Spoke.
These are his words of Wisdom.

-Living well one day at a time.
-Take it one day at a time.
-Don't bail out when you don't know what will happen next. Don't look ahead to the pain.
-The Spirit will guide us as to when to look ahead and when to just take it one day at a time.
-Hard times /trials are to be taken one day at a time.


On another note...

Words of Wisdom by Midtown: Living Well Is The Best Revenge.

I love to laugh and i love the people that make me laugh,
I miss my little sister she is SUPER funny!

...Here is something that should change.

I wanted to make it a goal to find a new girl friend ( A friend who is a girl, I'm NOT into girls). I think that is going to be kinda hard girls are crazy.

Ok so lets recap on this week.

Dicha amiga quiere a Dicho chico, quisas a alguien que yo queria, quisas alguien que yo habia besado.

Damas y Caballeros, Porfavor un aplauso a la Fidelidad de Amigas. La fidelidad de un amigo es algo que se acumula con tiempo y no es alogo que se da de un dia a otro.

Uno de los atribitos que yo poseo como una amigo y que me da orgullo en decier es que yo soy una amiga fiel, soy leal.

Querida Dicha Amiga, algun dia seremos amigas pero hoy no. El tiempo tiene una manera de ayudar con heridas.

Go for it if you can read in spanish.

Something that should change... Fear, I need to be more Brave. I worked on this when i was on the mission and it is something that i need to work on once again. That and just being honest with other people.
I will be more brave. I will not let fear bring me down. I will work towards my potential.

One more note. I love my guy friends so much. They know how to make me laugh!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Day of School!

I am SO excited for my classes!
I have the best schedual.

Check it.
M_W_ Printmaking
              History of Photo Processing
T_Th_ Adv. Black and White Photo
             New Test
             Studio Lighting
Fridays. OFF!

I go to school to make art! I LOVE MY MAJOR with all my heart!
I get butterflies in my stomach when i get a new assignment and/or start one.
Art will be my boyfriend this winter and I am so excited!

My studio lighting  teacher said, "And I don't know about your social life. But I honestly don't care either."
When he said that i was just thinking good thing I don't have one. Ha

Oh and also my New Testament Teacher ROCKS! He is like Steve Carrel but Mormon. I took his BOM classes and they changed my life. And that was before the mission so I am excited to take another one of his classes.

Winter wont be so cold after all, I got plenty of things that will keep me busy that I wont even think about it.
Well that and I got Tom, Zach and Tyler as my friends.

Winter 2011 bring it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I love my friends.


In Rexburg.

I loved Oklahoma! I love the Gibsons and they treated me and Vickie like family.
It felt comforting to have a mom and dad around and to have "real" food.
We celebrated Zach's birthday with him and his family.
We had yummy Wheat Banana Pancakes with eggs and Bacon.
We watched True Grit for Zach's Birthday. I liked it. It is so Zach to have everyone watch a movie for his birthday. I would consider that a great gift from my friends.
After the movie we went to "Grandmas" to eat. We had Zach's Favorite Beef Stroganoff.
We all went back home to hang out and to chill out. We Had PIE!
 We made CD mixes for the road.
The next morning we left for SLC/Rexburg.

Spent new years in the car. That is a new way to spend the new years. 

I have been watching Football for like 2 days straight. I'm going to get used to it. Watch it and get into it. Tom said that he likes girls that can speak "Sports"
I kinda want to try it and see if i can get any guys to ask me out on dates while I am here. 
That would be a Change. Ha.