Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learning to do things for myself and for no one else. I dont want to let other people influence what i do or dont do. That makes me happy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Search For New Friends.

Romy and Jake left me for the west. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!

In search for a part time friends while I am not traveling
Someone who...
Likes good music.
Likes to watch foreign films and girly movies. or just likes movies in general. I have a whole list of movies to watch for those really hot days where you just want to stay inside and enjoy the AC.
Likes to do out doors stuff. like ride bikes and going swimming.
LOVES food and Likes to make food with me.
Oh and likes to be impulsive during the week.
Oh and someone who is funny and fun to be around.
Someone who likes to be social with me and likes to meet new people!


Ummm or could i have my sister back? that would be preferable! :)

i need new summer music.

i just got back from Michigan! Stoped and stayed in Toledo Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Ann Harbor and Broklyn Michigan.
Next is Daytona Florida!
In the agenda for the summer is  ARIZONA! VIRGINIA! PENNSYLVANIA! CHICAGO!
I love to travel!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Un dia despues de la tormenta quando menos piensas sale el sol.

went to the pool party at the lakips last night. Kate and Nicole were talking about how some guy in the bacholerett was a real jerk but how the girl really liked him. Morgan got pretty upset about how that is so true. how he has known so many girls that have jerks for boyfriends and how they always go back to them. Riddle me this... why is that true!?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No hay mal que dure cien anos ni cuerpo que los resista.
I am back in GA.
I want to go live in Chicago with Heather. She really inspires me and I would have her as my friend and i wouldn't be bored or alone in adventures.
Me and Heather have a new goal! We are going to start our own business with her friend lesley. This will all be taking place April 2012! So i have to make 6,000 by April but i would like to make them by December and spend Jan-April working one Camera supplies and having fun with my family. Road trip to visit Vickie where ever she will be.
Change. Your thoughts make who you are. So I want to Change my thought to be Super Positive and Always on my New York life to be. I want to take more deep breaths when bad thoughts or sad thoughts come in.

I am shamelessly listening to Taylor Swifts Speak now CD. Im in a FUNKY mood. haha

I will be busy today and its going to be great!