Sunday, October 9, 2011

Liliana's photo shoot. I wanted to get ready for the photo shoots coming up this weekend and the next.
I need to get one more light on the other side so my models are well lit on both sides of their faces.
Light stands.
And a music player to  get some good tunes.
These are just the few that I liked from her shoot.  
I cant remeber the last time i Posted but i know that it was because I got my Facebook back. And I have been doing a lot of networking on it so I am constantly checking for messages from people. That and I have a real job again. I love it so much! I love having a routine schedule. It makes me do a lot more with my time and it makes me appreciate the time that I have off. I am a personal assistant to the ceo/president at Arseal Technologies and I am friends with his wife. Edith. Actually she is the one that got me the job. Edith seems to be the answers to my prayer. I mean she is the means by which they are answered. I dog started dig sitting for  her puppy cooper when I first came home from my mission and from then on she has just been helping me in more ways than just making ends meet, temporally. She is the sweetest.

I did want to post up the Photos i took for Vanessa and Daniel and their plus one.
tada here they are...

i took some more photos of  liliana! there are a few from savahanna to come.
i am going to be taking more photos from now on.

Oh yeah I got accepted to go to BYU-Provo! I am super EXCITED!!!!!