Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


doing my laundry feels so good!

U said U would call...

it’s 11pm
im writin this song
u said u would call
n im waitin thats all

i think we’re still friends
i hope that we’re more
u said u would call
as u walked out my door

what is it with people
leadin me on
im on my mattress
right in this song

u said u would call
u said it so nice
u said u would call
such a simple devi-i-ice
to keep me waitin
for the phone to ring
yre not gonna call
so im gonna sing

dont tell me youll call
if yre not gonna call
im not angry
im just waitin thats all

This would have been my song had i known about it back in December. 
Alguien me hacia sonreir de Julio a Diciembre.
 Pero lugeo romipio mi corazon en pedacitos. 
El me decia que me iba a llamar y me quedaba despierta esperando sus llamadas. 
...Ya no estoy tan confusa como ayer
Solo la ilusión trae desilusión
Y es tan fácil de caer...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This is one of my Most Favorite Artist! Jaymay she just released a new album 10under2.
 I love her so much and this is my favorite song right now.
 "Whoooo doooo yoooou think you arrrrre..."

Today I concluded that I like being single. I know that there are like a TON of girls who will think that I am weird but honestly I have recently been on both ends of failed relationships ends. It SUCKS to be either end. Being the heart breakee and the heart broken one. Being on both ends is not pleasant.
I am perfectly content with my friends right now. 
I am perfectly content with not having to put up a bravado. 
I am perfectly content with being honest with who I am right now and being honest with my feelings. 
I am really happy that I don't feel the need to have a guy in my life to make me feel happy. 
All I need are my friends. 
I don't want to date anyone.
I don't want to kiss anyone.
I don't want to go on dates.
I don't want to give away any of my secrets or feelings away to strangers.
I am Happy with my friends and I am happy with who I am around them.
I love my life!

I don't know that I am regressing but I know that this is how I felt 6 years ago when I was a senior in high school. I think that just like then I need a break from all of this boy drama crap. 
I am perfectly fine without it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012   this is a link to film on Hinduism and Buddhism that I thought was pretty great! I am in this world religions class and I just love learning about the basic beliefs of all the major religions my favorite ones are the eastern religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. I think it is mostly because they are so different a

Monday, March 5, 2012

"These zombies in the park they're looking for my heart"

Deleted my facebook so I will be spending more time on here and on my tumblr.